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The service you are using for the automated verification of your financial information is provided by Proviso Pty Ltd trading as BankStatements.com.au. We are an Australian company and our ABN is 89 166 277 845. It is not a service provided or authorised by your bank, but is similar to financial technology used by hundreds of thousands of people in in Australia and New Zealand to manage their financial data through a variety of applications. We (BankStatements.com.au) are a technology company that focuses on reducing friction for consumers and businesses when using the internet.

The service we provide is free for consumers. The service is paid for by the company who is receiving the data for verification.

Our service relies on you providing your online banking credentials. We treat the security and protection of these credentials with the highest degree of importance. Our service has been audited annually by leading IT security companies. Your credentials are never stored and when being used to connect to the bank they are encrypted with bank level encryption of up to 256 bit. Immediately once the connection to the bank is made your credentials are securely discarded. We recommend that you refer to the terms of your internet banking as your rights in relation to unauthorised transactions may be limited by providing us with your online banking credentials.

We provide a read only service for the retrieving of data and do not make any transactions. Our servers are located in Australia. We are also not a lender or credit provider and do not make any credit related decisions. We look forward to providing you with a fast, secure service for the verification of your financial information.

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